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J-TEC is dedicated to developing a new industry in the field of regenerative medicine, which is fundamentally transforming healthcare in the 21st century, by providing ideal treatments based on tissue engineering technology.

Corporate Philosophy

J-TEC intends to become necessary to society through developing the regenerative medicine industry.
Our intention is to continue to grow as long as the human race exists, by contributing to an improved quality of life for patients, while complying with legal statutes and ethical guidelines.
We hold the philosophy that all stakeholders should achieve greater wellbeing as a result.

J-TEC Logo Mark

The J-TEC logo consists of three circles, expressing our desire to commercialize regenerative medicine and our efforts in that area. It symbolizes the three elements of our corporate philosophy, the three elements of tissue engineering, and the three types of our stakeholders. In overall form it resembles both a person cradling some-thing precious, a cultured cell undergoing healthy division, and the letter "J" of J-TEC. Our corporate color is the rose-pink of dawn, embodying our hope for the dawn of a new era in medicine and its brilliant new developments.

J-TEC Logo mark
The three elements of our corporate philosophy
To commercialize regenerative medicine
To be needed by society and patients
To be permanently growing as a company
The three elements of tissue engineering
Cells, materials, and physiologically active substances
Stockholders, customers/patients, employees and the local community