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To all of our investors - June 24, 2011 -

I would like to express my thanks to our shareholders who took the time to discuss each agenda item at the General Shareholders’ Meeting held on June 23, 2011. I was also pleased to hear such a diversity of views expressed by those who attended the subsequent briefing on our business.

Impressions from the Annual Boston Trip

Visiting with Professor Howard Green, of Harvard Medical SchoolEach year I travel to Boston, Massachusetts, in order to visit Professor Howard Green, of Harvard Medical School. He, of course, developed “Green’s technique for culturing epidermis” and has provided considerable technical advice regarding the development of our autologous cultured epidermis, JACE. During the visit I briefed the professor on the progress and challenges of JACE businesses. He nodded with approval when I informed him that JACE was making steady inroads into the Japanese market and helping to save the lives of many severe burn patients. Professor Green was also delighted to learn that J-TEC will pursue the development of JACE for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa, as a new application for JACE. Additionally, the professor gave his advice regarding the scientific aspects of regenerative medicine, and suggested ways that J-TEC could have a positive social impact in Japan in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake. It was inspiring to hear Professor Green express his support for Japan from a place as distant as the eastern coast of the U.S.
The Boston trip thus provided a new opportunity to reflect on the ways in which J-TEC can contribute to Japan’s future through the commercialization of regenerative medicine. I am more determined than ever to see the achievement of our goal.

Banking on Our Newest Employees

Pictured with the newest employees of J-TECThe presidents of other biotechnology venture firms often express amazement at the fact that J-TEC hires many new recruits every year. This April, for instance, we welcomed 15 of our newest employees, who have already integrated with the workforces in their respective areas. I’m banking on our new employees to supply highly adaptable ideas that will challenge the accepted notions that have become ingrained within our company. At the same time, we as an organization are banking on them to bloom and develop their potential as future managers. J-TEC does more than simply develop products and the industry for regenerative medicine. We also develop human assets.

June 24, 2011
Yosuke Ozawa
President & CEO
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.