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To Our Investors

2012 has arrived. I wish you a happy and prosperous year, and would like to ask that you provide us again this year with your valued support. Together with the latest news about the Japan Tissue Engineering (J-TEC), I would like to present our outlook for the coming year.


Yosuke Ozawa In January 2009 we began selling the autologous cultured epidermis, JACE, as a product covered by national health insurance. It is the only regenerative medicine product approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. JACE is a medical material for treating patients with severe burns. In the three years since it was marketed, we have received and cultured skin from approximately 200 patients. Although in certain cases manufacturing had to be discontinued before the product was complete due to such uncontrollable reasons as patient deaths, the patients on whom JACE has been transplanted encompass a broad range of ages, from less than one year old to over 80.

In burn treatment sites in Japan, JACE has begun to establish itself as one alternative for the treatment of severe burns. Our sales reps are now sometimes familiarly called “Mr. JACE” by people affiliated with hospitals. It is indeed an honor for us that the name of a product that we have worked to create and nurture should have become so widely known in medical settings. Above all, we are happy that JACE is contributing to the treatment and, thereby, to the survival of many burn patients.

4th Anniversary of Listing on Stock Market

Four years have passed since J-TEC was listed on the stock market in December 2007. Many shareholders have kept our company’s stock over the long term, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them. According to our latest list of shareholders, we are currently being supported by 6,633 shareholders. In checking the name and address of each shareholder, I gained a renewed sense of everyone’s expectations and hopes regarding J-TEC and regenerative medicine.

Our steady-going IR activities until now have borne fruit in that we were selected as a J-Stock issue in October 2011 by the Osaka Stock Exchange. J-Stock issues are stocks that meet certain standards: for market capitalization, liquidity, and other factors. J-TEC is the only company belonging to the “JASDAQ Growth” Market to be included among those stocks. We will continue to try to increase our corporate value in the future.

The Outlook for 2012

In the coming year, our top business priority is to obtain approval of our autologous cultured cartilage and bring a product to market. Of course, we intend to engage in other activities as well. We will pursue our Operation Singapore strategy and also our cooperative efforts with Fujifilm Corporation. Moreover, we plan to launch new efforts that employ J-TEC’s particular strengths.

J-TEC’s autologous cultured cartilage is intended to be used for full-thickness knee cartilage defects. Japanese society is aging and we are convinced that our autologous cultured cartilage can contribute to improving the quality of people’s lives. On the other hand, the healthcare budget allotted for social security in Japan is very limited. We thus believe that a variety of subjects will be discussed in the formal talks about whether autologous cultured cartilage, for which a comparatively large number of potential patents exist, should be covered by insurance. Taking a lesson from the insurance talks previously conducted for JACE, we intend to approach the talks for autologous cultured cartilage cautiously and fully prepared.

January 5, 2012
Yosuke Ozawa
President & CEO
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.