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To Our Investors - June 27, 2012 -

I am very happy that I was able to exchange opinions with many of our investors at the annual meeting of shareholders held on June 26, and at the business briefing held afterwards. Thank you very much for providing your views.

The Status of Autologous Cultured Cartilage

Japan Tissue Engineering (J-TEC) has set the market launch of autologous cultured cartilage (intended for patients requiring treatment for the loss of knee-joint cartilage) as the company’s primary objective for the fiscal year. Nearly three years have passed since we applied for approval to manufacture and sell this product, and during that time its review has steadily progressed. Moreover, in the government’s “5-Year Strategy for Medical Innovation,” formulated in early June of this year, the promotion of regenerative medicine is highlighted as a growth strategy. Now, J-TEC is readying its in-house system for the birth of a product that will improve people’s quality of life and allow them to experience the benefits of regenerative medicine.

Expectations Regarding New Employees

Eight new employees have joined the J-TEC family in the past three months of this fiscal year. While struggling to master the complexities of the regenerative medical industry and manage the details of the company’s business, each of these individuals has begun to manifest his or her distinctive personality. I don’t sense in them any of the introversion that one often hears about as a characteristic of the younger generation. We expect them to become employees who will proactively make suggestions for the betterment of the company, and to act as they see fit. Therefore, in addition to regenerative medicine products and the regenerative medicine industry, J-TEC also develops human assets.

New employees

A Gift from Mrs. Green

I had the pleasure of a visit to Boston again this May. Specifically, I visited the inventor of cultured epidermis, Professor Howard Green of the Harvard Medical School, and we discussed science and business. I always feel that my conversations with Prof. Green are stimulating and enriched by his kindness. Of course, they also sometimes include his admonitions and encouragement. This time, prior to my departure for Japan, I received a wonderful present from the professor and his wife. It was handmade chocolate mice. Yes, that’s right: chocolate mice. Special cells derived from mice are used in the manufacture of our autologous cultured epidermis, JACE. It was thus a most delightful gift.

Chocolate mice

June 27, 2012
Yosuke Ozawa
President & CEO
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.