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To Our Investors

Thank you for continuously supporting Japan Tissue Engineering (J-TEC).
As we enter FY2018, I would like to report our management policy for this new cycle.

Management policy for FY2018

First and foremost, we will concentrate our efforts on the market penetration of our autologous cultured epidermis JACE and autologous cultured cartilage JACC. Ever since it received the additional indication for the treatment of giant congenital melanocytic nevus, JACE sales growth has far exceeded our expectations. Moreover, in March, we submitted the application for another additional indication for JACE, as a treatment for epidermolysis bullosa. In FY 2018, we will endeavor to further expand JACE sales so that many more patients can benefit from our product.

So far, JACC has also reached a great number of patients. In FY 2018, I would like to take in the opinion of surgeons that have hands-on experience using JACC, and implement improvements towards the development of a more user-friendly product that can satisfy our patients’ needs.

Our Custom Development and Manufacturing business division has also initiated alliances and collaborations with companies and academic scientists willing to develop their products and clinical research projects. We will leverage the know-how and experience we have accumulated over the years to further grow our business, and focus on activities to disseminate regenerative medicine to the general public.

Up to now, we have manufactured products using the patients’ own cells (autologous cells). On the other hand, there is increasing expectations towards products manufactured with cells from other donors (allogeneic cells). In FY2018, we are planning to further accelerate the development of such products.

J-TEC is turning 20 years old in FY 2018. It is a very special year for the company. Twenty years ago, under great expectations, J-TEC was established with the aim to create new medical care. Looking back on the past 20 years, what should we do in the next 20? What can we do, and what do we want to do as a company? I would like to go back to our origins to answer these questions and envision our future. “Creating the ‘next J-TEC’, a vibrant company that meets your expectations” is the basic principle I have announced to our employees for this new fiscal year. By sowing seeds of new business, we will create the “next J-TEC”, a company that will fulfill the expectations of our shareholders, the general public, and our employees. Your further support in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

New regenerative medicine professionals

J-TEC will be welcoming two new regenerative medicine professionals this year.

Although we did not recruit new graduates last year, we will be bringing new blood into our company this year. Our two new employees come with experience in skin research and clinical data analysis, and will be great additions to our personnel. As I always say to our freshmen, “your life is a play, in which you play the leading part”. As our new employees take their place at the J-TEC stage, I truly wish they enjoy their new role as regenerative medicine professionals.

New regenerative medicine professionals

April 2, 2018
Kenichiro Hata
President & CEO
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.