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To Our Investors

Thank you for attending our Annual General Shareholders Meeting and Business Briefing on June 26th.
I am glad to have had the opportunity to directly receive feedback from you.

Increasing profitability and accelerating growth

After strengthening our internal management processes, profitability became a tangible reality for our company. Amid skepticism towards a business that relies on the patients’ own cells, we were able to create new markets, and we will to continue to manage our company based on this strong foundation.

Moreover, by promoting development towards growth, we want to pave new avenues as a regenerative medicine company. Gaining recognition as a viable industry is the first step to make regenerative medicine common practice in treating patients. During our Business Briefing, the following plans attracted the attention of our shareholders.

New product pipeline: autologous cultured epidermis for vitiligo treatment.

A new development to bring our skin regeneration product from burn treatment to aesthetic use.

New product pipeline: allogeneic cultured epidermis.

Cultured epidermis manufactured with donor cells. Mass production will reduce manufacturing costs, and inventory will enable use in emergencies.

JACC’s indication expansion: post-traumatic secondary osteoarthritis treatment.

JACC was initially developed with this particular indication in mind, and once again, we will try to obtain this indication approval for our cartilage product.

New product pipeline: Leukemia treatment using CAR-T cells manufactured by Piggy Bac system.

We have received the rights to use this exceptional technique from Nagoya University. This cancer treatment using the patients’ own cells is an opportunity to showcase our knowledge and experience.

The General Shareholders' Meeting and Business Briefings

The General Shareholders' Meeting and Business Briefings


VISION2020In order to foster a sense of unity in our employees, we promoted discussions around the theme “What do you want J-TEC to be in 2020?” With the participation of many of our employees, we were able to conceptualize the company J-TEC should become in the future, as the VISION 2020. The details of this project will be shared with you in due time, but the slogan chosen for VISION 2020, “Pursuing regenerative medicine possibilities to increase corporate value” already shows how reliable and promising our employees are.

During the Business Briefing, I shared facts like these to help our shareholders deepen their understanding about J-TEC and its employees.

June 27, 2018
Kenichiro Hata
President & CEO
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.