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To Our Investors

Observations from participation in BioJAPAN 2019/Regenerative Medicine Japan 2019

"BioJAPAN," Asia's largest level of partnering event for the biotechnology industry, was held in Yokohama over 3 days starting on October 9. "Regenerative Medicine Japan," an event for businesses involved in regenerative medicine, was held at the same time and was hosted by the Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine (FIRM).

At BioJAPAN 2019 Regenerative Medicine Japan 2019

At BioJAPAN 2019 Regenerative Medicine Japan 2019As the name suggests, the aim of regenerative medicine is to regenerate the tissues and organs of our bodies. In particular, using cells from our own bodies makes donors for organ transplantation unnecessary and ensures that transplants are not rejected by the immune system. This is why regenerative medicine has been referred to as a medical dream.

The phrase "regenerative medicine" first appeared 20 years ago. Recently, the use of regenerative medicine has spread into a variety of treatment using cells (cell therapies) in addition to the aim of regenerating our bodies described above. Of particular interest are ways of using this treatment to create cells that react to particular kind of "cancers" such as leukemia. This also requires technical innovations to manipulate the genes contained in the cells. Attempts have been made to produce technologies that create hitherto unanticipated cells. While observing trends overseas, we too have been moving steadily ahead to realize CAR-T cell therapies without falling behind in these developments.

The soaring costs of treatment has recently become a prominent topic of conversation in relation to advanced medical treatments such as regenerative medicine. The rising cost of such cell therapies has become an issue in Europe and North America as well as in Japan. How can the soaring cost of production be held in check while properly maintaining cell quality to deliver safer and more effective cells to patients? We have certainly been trying to do this. This has reinforced the feeling that we have been attracting attention from people in Japan and overseas.

So, as discussed at the start, our hope since the company was founded has been the original aim of regenerative medicine: to regenerate organs and tissues. This calls for a system of stable production as well as academic research to realize this aim. It is also essential to have a proper understanding of the physicians who use it and the patients who hope for this treatment. It is quite fair to call this the creation of a culture of regenerative medicine. At present and including the situation overseas, we are only halfway to the realization of true regenerative medicine.

We have provided regenerative medicine to a great number of patients. Many physicians have used our regenerative medical techniques. I hope that we will continue to move forward with work for our idea of “making regenerative medicine an ordinary treatment” and, through the activities of FIRM, share this idea with people from Japan and around the world.

October 30, 2019
Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.

President & CEO Ken-ichiro Hata
Chairman & CEO
President & COO Masataka Akiyama
President & COO