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Notification of the passing of Dr. Howard Green

Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.
November 2nd, 2015

On the 31st of October 2015, J-TEC research advisor Dr. Howard Green passed away. We at J-TEC wish to express our sadness at his passing, as well as our deep gratitude for everything that Dr. Green achieved in his life.

In commemoration of Dr. Green

I was extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Harvard Medical School professor emeritus Dr. Howard Green on Saturday, October 31st. Dr. Green had just turned 90 years old on September 10th this year.

Dr. Green was a great scientist and a great leader for both myself and J-TEC. After inventing his own epidermis culturing technique in 1975, he went on to have a great influence on cell biology and those involved in regenerative medicine around the world. Had it not been for our ties with Dr. Green and his guidance, J-TEC would never have been founded, and the Autologous Cultured Epidermis JACE would never have made its debut.

Dr. Green was like a father to me, and I have many fond memories of him. These include the time he made the bold decision to approve technology transfer when J-TEC was founded as long as we were serious about our autologous cultured epidermis business, and when JACE was struggling to get off the ground, he advised us that while J-TEC was making a great contribution to society, we mustn’t forget to make an appropriate profit. In summer 2015, while he was very pleased that J-TEC was able to provide JACE for burns victims in Taiwan, I regret that I was unable to hand to Dr. Green the letter of gratitude that the Taiwanese government had given to him.

Regenerative medicine around the world began with Dr. Green’s technique for epidermis culturing, and as a member of the Green family, J-TEC is determined to contribute to the development of the regenerative medicine industry. Thank you, Dr. Green, for everything that you did.

Yosuke Ozawa
President & CEO

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