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J-TEC intends to use its high-level tissue-culture technology to promote the development of a diverse range of tissue products for research use and thereby encourage the implementation of research using cultured human tissues in a wide variety of facilities.

LabCyte: Human 3-Dimensional Cultured Tissue Model

Cultured human tissues for research use (product name: LabCyte) are tissue models fabricated by culturing human cells in vitro. Because it is possible to reconstruct tissues with a structure extremely close to that of human tissue, they can be used to replace animals or simple cell cultures in a variety of experiments.

J-TEC has applied our techniques for culturing epidermal or epithelial cells to develop a cultured human tissue models for research use, named LabCyte EPI-MODEL (human 3-dimensional cultured epidermal model), LabCyte MELANO-MODEL (human 3-dimensional keratinocyte and melanocyte co-cultured epidermal model) and LabCyte CORNEA-MODEL (human 3-dimensional corneal epithelial model). These models can be used in the development of drugs for external use and cosmetics, as well as for all forms of research that employ skin and cornea.

  • LabCyte EPI-MODEL
  • LabCyte EPI-MODEL


These models can be used as an alternative to animal testing. Additionally, they offer a useful tool for the development of drugs or cosmetics applicable to human skin and cornea; basic dermatological and ophthalmic research; safety research on raw materials for chemical products; and other uses.

The human cells used in the manufacture of LabCyte are human cell products cultured in the United States. In the interest of encouraging the proper development of tissue-engineered medical products, human tissue is handled with great care at J-TEC in line with our firm policy of ethical practices.

Through the development of tissue-engineered medical products, J-TEC will contribute to the development of techniques that can be used as alternatives to animal testing.