Message from the President

Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd.
President & CEO

Ken-ichiro Hata

Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in February 1999 with the aim of industrializing regenerative medicine. "Regenerative medicine" is medical treatment that proactively uses living cells to restore the lost function of organs and tissue. In particular, artificial tissue and organs made using patients' own cells are expected to be promising new treatments for diseases that have been difficult to treat up until now.
Every day since our founding, we have met the challenge of stably delivering highly safe regenerative medical products of the highest quality to patients. A medical and biological approach has of course been necessary, but it has also been important to solve the regulatory and ethical issues that have arisen in the course of building this new industry. We hope to create innovative medical treatments and broadly contribute to society by making regenerative medicine a standard healthcare.

Thus far, we have obtained marketing approval for Autologous Cultured Epidermis "JACE", which was Japan's first regenerative medical product, as well as our second product, Autologous Cultured Cartilage "JACC". With the 2014 revision of the related regulatory system in Japan, our activities have been accelerated. As a result, we have steadily released more products to the market, including Autologous Cultured Corneal Epithelium "Nepic".
This series of activities has created medical treatment and an industry that differ from conventional pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The technological innovation of culturing a patient's own cells and using them in treatment is bearing fruit in the form of regenerative medicine. We are advancing toward the realization of dream medicine one step at a time.

In March of 2021, we became a member of the Teijin Group. On the basis of various synergies between the two companies, we aim to contribute to the industrialization of regenerative medicine, not only in Japan but throughout the world.