Mission, Corporate Philosophy


J-TEC is dedicated to developing a new industry in the field of regenerative medicine, which is fundamentally transforming healthcare in the 21st century, by providing ideal treatments based on tissue engineering technology.

Corporate Philosophy

Through the industrialization of regenerative medicine, being a company essential and valuable to society.

By contributing to patient QOL on the basis of legal and ethical compliance, being a company that
continues to grow and evolve as long as the human race exists.

We hold the philosophy that all stakeholders will achieve a better life as a result.

Guiding Principles

"As a Professional"

  • Have a sense of balance between consistency and flexibility.
  • Meet the challenge of change with courage.
  • Have respect for different cultures and ways of thinking.
  • Always ascribe the greatest weight to what is happening in actual medical practice.
  • In all your actions, give deep thought to your role as an employee who represents J-TEC.