Transparency-related Activities

Guidelines on the Transparency

Under the motto of the "industrialization of regenerative medicine", J-TEC conducts R&D and provides a stable supply of "regenerative medical products" to improve patients' QOL (Quality of Life).
Collaboration and cooperation with research institutes like universities, medical institutions, and healthcare professionals is indispensable to the discovery of "regenerative medical products" that meet the needs of patients and medical institutions. The importance of these efforts goes beyond the development stage, and post-marketing collaboration and cooperation among industry, government, and academia can contribute to the improvement of medical care through the promotion of proper use and safety assurance measures.
At the same time, these collaborative and cooperative activities are required to have high levels of ethicality and transparency, because in some cases there is monetary compensation of medical institutions and healthcare professionals. J-TEC has established "Guidelines on the transparency of collaborative and cooperative activities with medical institutions, etc." to garner broad understanding of the fact that we adhere to high ethical standards in our corporate activities, and we describe the following types of information in accordance with these Guidelines.

Information on Funding