Cultured Human Tissue for Research Use


LabCyte CORNEA-MODEL is a reconstructed human corneal epithelial tissue produced using normal human corneal epithelial cells.
So far, eye irritancy of chemical substances, cosmetic products, and household products has been evaluated by the Draize test using rabbits. The Draize test system is mainly based on the scoring of observed macroscopic changes in the rabbit cornea, conjunctiva, and iris. However, it is often criticized for ethical animal welfare, and there is a strong need for an in vitro evaluation method that can be used to assess eye-irritancy. To meet these needs, there have been increasing expectations for the development of an eye irritation testing protocol using corneal epithelial tissue. We have employed tissue engineering techniques, and furthered the development of this product in order to meet such demands and concepts.
The LabCyte CORNEA-MODEL, a reconstructed human corneal epithelial model, reproduces many of the characteristics of the normal human corneal tissue. Therefore, it provides morphologically relevant means to assess eye irritation, percutaneous absorption, and other ocular-related processes as an alternative to animal testing.