Cultured Human Tissue for Research Use


The LabCyte EPI-MODEL is produced by culturing human epidermal cells as a monolayer. After the human epidermal cells have proliferated, exposing their surface to the air causes it to keratinize*, creating a cultured epidermis model similar to the human epidermis.

Keratinization: A process by which epidermal cells differentiate, losing their nuclei and intracellular organelles, as the interior of the cell is filled with aggregated keratin fibers. They become tough structures, both physically and chemically, that serve a barrier function against the external environment.


EPI-MODEL 6D (6-day cultured product) is a model manufactured with the culture period shortened by one week, resulting in a thinner cornified layer compared to EPI-MODEL.
EPI-MODEL 6D exhibits more sensitive cytotoxicity due to its thinner cornified layer.


Prepare your own epidermal model by simply seeding and culturing keratinocytes in cell culture inserts.