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Jul. 27, 2022[PICK UP]

"Innovators Under 35 Japan"

J-TEC's president & CEO Ken-ichiro Hata became a judge

For the "Innovators Under 35 Japan" , the award sponsored by MIT Technology Review to recognize outstanding innovators who challenge the world's most important issues with technology, Ken-ichiro Hata, J-TEC's president & CEO as well as the Chairperson of the Forum for Innovative Regenerative Medicine, became a judge.

"Innovators Under 35 Japan"

"Innovators Under 35" is a global award sponsored by MIT Technology Review aimed at recognizing and supporting outstanding  innovators. Started in 1999, the award has selected outstanding innovators every year over the past 20 years. 
"Innovators Under 35 Japan" is one of the local versions of its historic global award.