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New Year’s Greeting

President & CEO
President & CEO

Happy New Year!
All of us at Japan Tissue Engineering Co., Ltd. (J-TEC) are looking forward to serving you again this year.

Looking back over 2022

In 2022, while the medical system continued to be strained by Covid-19, we confronted various other problems, such as the difficulty of obtaining raw materials and the sharp increases in prices that have resulted from the unstable global situation. On the plus side, expectations for innovation in regenerative medicine, cell therapies, and gene therapy have been raised by the designation of these fields as priority areas under the “New Form of Capitalism” policy proposed by the Kishida cabinet.
Amidst these conditions, our company proceeded as planned with development work aiming to promote the spread of regenerative medicine. We applied for marketing approval for a new skin-related product (development name: ACE02) in April, and reexamination of our autologous cultured cartilage by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare was completed in July.

Although we have four products that have received marketing approval, these items are all for use by limited numbers of people. We would like to provide products that can be used by many more patients. That is our hope. Clinical studies of various products are proceeding smoothly with an eye to obtaining marketing approval for allogeneic cultured epidermis and expanding the indication for autologous cultured cartilage to include osteoarthritis of the knee, etc. Preparations to provide these products to patients have been proceeding steadily based on the experience we have accumulated thus far.
We could truly say that 2022 ushered in the stage at which regenerative medicine begins to demonstrate its power.

Outlook for 2023

In 2023, we will strive to become a manufacturing business with an ambience of stability at the same time that we forge ahead as a corporation that achieves new medical innovations through biotechnology.
Investment in development aiming to achieve true profitability has passed the critical stage. The “medicine using the patient’s own cells” that we have pioneered now needs to be placed on a more solid footing. We are committed to profitability because we want to create a more attractive industry. In addition, as a “corporation that makes things”, we want to be able to hold our own against foreign competition.

Accordingly, fiscal year 2023 (ending in March 2024) will be the year in which we aim for true “profitability” in our medium-term business plan.
With the vision of “Creating a Future for Regenerative Medicine”, all of us at J-TEC will pull together to deliver regenerative medicine to many more patients.

This New Year’s Greeting encompasses my own personal hope that this will be a year in which we can satisfy all of our stakeholders.
Please continue to support us in our endeavors in the coming year.

January 10, 2023