Our Vision

Creating a Future for Regenerative Medicine

Since starting work to commercialize regenerative medicine in 1999,
we have accumulated experience in creating and supplying products made from patients' cells.
In the future, we want to offer our experience to even more patients.
We want to use regenerative medical products to cure all kinds of injuries and diseases,
not just in the fields of epidermis, cartilage and cornea.
Someday, regenerative medicine will be a standard healthcare.
We continue to strive in all kinds of fields to create a reality
in which everyone can enjoy the benefits of regenerative medicine
close at hand anytime and anywhere to maintain their health.

Corporate Philosophy

Through the industrialization of regenerative medicine, being a company essential and valuable to society.

By contributing to patient QOL on the basis of legal and ethical compliance,
being a company that continues to grow and evolve as long as the human race exists.

We hold the philosophy that all stakeholders will achieve a better life as a result.