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Autologous Cultured Epidermis Maintaining Melanocytes
Autologous Cultured Epidermis Maintaining Melanocytes

President & CEO

Our company has received approval for a fifth product.
It is an autologous cultured epidermis containing cells that create skin pigments, and it is a product used to treat patients who are suffering from vitiligo. We hope that this, our fifth product, will be embraced not only by the patients, but also by all of the healthcare professionals.

A treatment that uses the patient’s own cells

We are steadily making progress in the development of innovative medical treatments that use the patient’s own cells. Unlike conventional medicines, these are not products that can be produced in volume, and accordingly it takes a lot of time to construct each mechanism. In spite of these constraints, all of the products we have developed have been approved and launched to market. In the course of providing frontline healthcare professionals with products that transcend existing medical models and business models, we have accumulated the abundant experience that can best be described as a corporate asset. We think that we have been able to obtain approval for our fifth product because we drew upon this wealth of experience to develop it.
Through a process of trial and error, our company has tackled and achieved the commercialization of a number of new regenerative medical technologies, the realization of a stable supply of products that use patients’ cells, and the completion of post-marketing surveillance that has spanned many years and was conducted in collaboration with doctors. Corporate assets like abundant experience are the very thing that has led us to major results that other companies cannot rival.

Now we will once again need to ensure that the doctors use our new product properly.
Proper use will necessitate proper diagnosis, techniques, and postoperative management. Hand in hand with doctors, we will need to find the key to promoting the spread of this new medical technology. There is one important way in which these activities will differ from those of the past; however, a large number of patients suffer from vitiligo. We will make every effort to bring happiness to these patients through new treatments.
We hope you will agree that this new product advances our activities one step further toward “Creating a Future for Regenerative Medicine”.

March 22, 2023